Friday, May 28, 2010

almost 37 weeks!

So, Tuesday I will officially be 37 weeks....and that also means that Payton will be considered 'full term' on Tuesday! I can't believe it! She could be here any day now!
Eric is home for the long memorial weekend, and we have a dr appt this afternoon.
Last week, my mom went with me to my appt, and she got to meet my wonderful nurse midwife, Jonne Sveum at Maternal Gynerations. I talked with Jonne about intermittent monitoring, and she is all for it. She is going to let me get in the jacuzzi bath in my room, bounce on the birthing ball and just walk around and move positions while I am contracting. My goal is to avoid getting an epidural....but this is my first baby, and I won't know my pain tolerance level until I get in I could be dying for pain meds, who knows.
But I do know that I have several options and a very encouraging midwife and husband who are going to be there to help me get through the pain. (well hopefully eric will be there)
All of my pregnancy symptoms are still pretty much the same....I still feel blessed!
My weight gain is around 19 lbs....I kinda lost track, but I think thats where I am at. All I know is the Dr said I am doing great with my weight, and my belly is measuring right on track still.

I have my hospital bag packed, and we are going to get the carseat in the truck this weekend. :)
For mother's day, Eric got me a Vera Bradley diaper bag. But of course, I found it for much cheaper today on RueLaLa. (the super tote in Puccini) If you've never been to RueLaLa.....definitely check it out. Once you join, you get access to all their weekly deals, and then for every person you invite that makes a purchase, you get $10!

We are so ready to meet our little girl...more updates to come.


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